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What you will Get from Us?

Buying a new home is among the biggest financial decisions most people ever make. This is one decision that you want to do right. Sometimes, for a first time home buyer, even for experienced buyers, the home buying process can also be very stress and frustrating. And spend a lot of time to search and to find suitable ones to view.

We are here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be like that. We have developed the VIP Presale Buyer Program (or VIP Home Presale Buyer Program) to help you to smooth the Presale buying process as satisfying as possible. The Program has been designed to make the process enjoyable so that you can actually have fun buying a Presale.

Presales generally refer to developments being offered for sale prior to completion of construction. Sometimes, presales can be offered prior to start of construction and/or during the construction period. Buying presale contains advantages and disadvantages (or risks) depends on many factors. Be better to know and review more before making decision.

This is an extremely valuable service which our clients receive totally free. The seller/developer pays our fees for us to provide the services to a buyer, so there is no cost to the buyer to participate in the program. In addition, we want to give you “Bonus” too to save more and provide you exceptional real estate services.

Program In Brief

Understand your needs such as location, budget and help you to look for a suitable unit for you among new development projects

Explain to you Benefits and Risks of buying presale (** Importance for you to review and make decision whether this is suitable for you **)

Provide constant update about Presale Developments in Vancouver

Assist you when reviewing the disclosure statement

Arrange VIP access Before the grand/public opening whenever applicable

Notifying Special Promotions, Negotiating price and upgrade for you whenever applicable

Make appointment for preview & Book purchase appointment

Prepare Market analysis of all comparable options, both Presale and Resale

Walking through with you for the whole purchase process

Help you resolving any issues and answer queries

Provide Contacts and referrals for other related services including mortgage specialist, lawyers and home inspectors

Here you go and how we save you time and money more!

100% Free Service for Home Buyers

No charge to our buyer, but they will get more from our bonus package. Please read on to find out.

Explaining Pros and Cons

Buying presale has advantages and disadvantages depending on market condition, the reputation of developer, mortgage security and so on.  Let us explain to you Pros and Cons in different aspects.  And share with you more about the benefits and risks.  Then, decide whether this is the type of investment or home that are suitable for you.

VIP Access

We have good relationship with most of developers and builders.  We can usually get you VIP Access and get the VIP pricing from developers whenever available.  We help promote and delivery first hand information to our clients.   You can be the first groups of have better selection and pricing.    There is NO pressure to buy or to offer even after we arrange an viewing for you.  However,  we do want to bring you the opportunites to view and do not miss any chance in case you find your dream home.   And, we are always available to offer any advice or suggestions and to answer any questions that arise.

Home Buying with Team Effort

Buying a home is a complex process   In a typical transaction, the services of an appraiser, financing specialist, insurance broker, home inspector and lawyer or notary public may be involved.   We ensure that everybody involved in the transaction is working together for the benefit of our VIP Presale Buyers.

Absolutely no Obligation to Buy a Home

VIP Buyers change their mind about buying a home, they can do so at any time, without cost or obligation and without any penalty or any charge.  We hear from our VIP Buyers is that they never felt under any pressure to buy a home.

100% customer Satisfaction Guarantee to our VIP Buyers

VIP Buyers can cancel at any time if we do not perform as we agreed.  Period. No exceptions. All we ask is that a VIP Buyer gives us 2 business day and do our best to make it right.  We always appreicate all your feedback (Good or Bad) and this is the way we can improve beyond the first class services.

Home Buyer Property Locator and Notification Process

We will help you to search and find the new development project or presale that matches your criteria.  We usually get the first hand information for new projects including floorplan, price range, and early bird VIP access.

Managing and Following Up the Transaction

After the presale offer is accepted by the developer,  we will explain and walk you through the whole process.  Help answer your queries.   We ensure that all project milestones are completed on time and within expectation.

Beyond the Transaction

Our commitments to our VIP Buyers don’t end when we hand over the keys.  Total satisfaction is our promise and commitment to them.  We will stay in touch with our VIP Buyers to ensure that they remain happy with their new home.  Once a VIP Presale Buyer, always a VIP Presale Buyer

Professional and Personalized Home Buyer Services

We understand that each VIP Buyer client has different housing needs and objectives. We can best serve the client’s needs when we have a clear understanding of what these needs are. We develop this understanding by consulting with our VIP Buyer clients to develop a comprehensive home buying strategy.  We listen, understand and care our clients’ needs.

Home Buyer Financing and Mortgage Assistance

We work with several mortgage brokers who have access to literally dozens of lenders and have partnered with large banks including TD, CIBC, Royal Bank, Scotia bank.  Often, they can get better terms for our VIP Buyer clients from their own bank than they are able to secure for themselves. At least, getting a second opinion never hurts.  We always want our VIP Buyer to get the best terms possible on their financing and get fully approved for a mortgage.   Please note that not all the mortgage brokers or banks offer mortgage approval at the time of purchase in the early stage of the presale.  It is important to know any potential risks before making any purchase decision.

Negotiating the Deal

Over years, we have helped VIP Buyers achieve outstanding results on their purchase. We are EXPERTS at getting the best deal for our VIP Presale Buyer clients.

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